$5 Easy Rules: Save Money Fast With Fives

Once you commit to saving your $5s, you’ll never look at a five-dollar bill the same again. Once you see them accumulate, you won’t be tempted to spend them. It becomes an addictive habit, a fun game to see how fast you can grow your stash.
Like all games, Save Money Fast With Fives will tempt you to cheat. Keeping these $5 Rules in mind will keep you honest.

RULE #1: Spend Your Cash

I might as well lead with the toughest rule to follow, especially for readers who don’t carry cash and pay for everything with plastic. If you want to practice my plan, you have to do at least some of your purchasing the old fashioned way, with cash. In fact, I encourage you to use cash to pay for as many everyday purchases as possible, including groceries, gasoline, lunch or your morning Starbucks, a cab ride, (unless it’s Uber which only takes plastic), dry cleaning, after school snacks or after work cocktails. Not only will this help you see where your money goes, but it will also assure you of getting $5s back as change.

I know, you’re a college student and you don’t use cash. I know, you’re a Millennial, and you don’t carry cash. I know, you’re a Baby Boomer who used to use cash but pays for most things online today. Bottom line: if you are at all serious about putting my five dollar plan to the test, you must use some cash in your day to day life. Remember: you won’t get a five back if you pay with a debit or credit card. In this game, cash is king, or queen, if you prefer.

RULE #2: Touch Your Stash

Money has magnetic energy. The key is to move it in a positive direction so more money, and abundance, will flow through you. Set aside time to hold your stash of fives in your hands. Look at it. Handle it. Feel its texture. Count it and realize how fast it grows. The more often you touch your money (don’t forget to sanitize your hands afterwards ), the richer you’ll feel. Watch your cash become a magnet for more money, as well as greater health and happiness.

RULE #3: Accept It All

Intuitively, many people know they are the source of their own abundance, but psychologically, most don’t accept their right to wealth. Improve your chances of saving a large sum of money by feeling worthy of having money in the bank. And, if you think of wealth not only in terms of money and investments but as resources —-family, friends, co-workers, your health—you’ll feel more abundant immediately.

RULE #4: Ditch The Debt

Unpaid, short-term debt, such as credit card balances, is an energy zap. You’ll never feel hopeful about your finances if you are hopelessly in debt. But if you do have debt, and payoff seems impossible, saving your $5s and using them to pay off the debt a little at a time may make repayment possible. Next time, instead of charging it, pay in cash. Be honest with yourself. If you can’t afford to pay off your credit card bills at the end of the month, then you probably shouldn’t have charged in the first place.

RULE #5: Spread The Word

Some people like to keep a good idea to themselves. Others just can’t keep a secret. The thing is, this simple $5 savings tool is too good not to pass on to everyone you know. Your friends and family, your fellow countrymen need to save more, for themselves and for our nation’s health. So, go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere. Tell everyone you know about my plan. Share the link to this blog. (www.savemoneyfastwithfives.com) on your Facebook or Twitter. Heck, it would be unpatriotic not to.

Yours in Fives,


3 thoughts on “$5 Easy Rules: Save Money Fast With Fives

    • Love your honesty, Cheryl. I promise you, practicing this save your $5s will turn the love/hate into love/love, win/win. But you have to use cash for everyday purchases. Use credit cards for the big stuff…plane tickets, a new appliance, etc., but the quart of milk, the bottle of wine, the small gift for a friend…cash is queen! Thanks for your comment and good luck…..Marie

  1. Great tips and advice to save money. It’s a very good idea to save 10 to 20% money from your earnings every month. And keep all the records of your money and make a list of Items before going for shopping so you will never waste your money on useless things and so that you will never regret later. Thanks, Marie for sharing these amazing tips with us!

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