Save Money Fast: It’s Your Turn

Will you join me for a 4-week savings challenge?

I’ve explained the basics of the Save Money Fast With Fives method in my first four posts. Now you’re ready to begin your own $5 savings plan and this is the perfect time to share your questions, concerns, wins, losses— as well as your ideas for saving money—with others who are also trying to save money by never again spending a $5 bill. Are you in? I am! Let’s get the conversation going.

Want to join the Save Your $5s Club?

Starting today, I would love it if readers would comment on my posts, and share how the plan is working for you. I’ll share my saving $5s stories and react to your comments, too, along with the answer to any questions you may have. To comment, scroll to the top of this entry and link to “Leave a Comment” next to today’s date.

I happen to know that one of my readers (OK, it’s my sister) started saving her $5s after reading my first post a week ago; she’s already put away $85. She emailed me to tell me she hit the bonanza last week when she got three $5s back after one purchase. A colleague from the college where I teach (who, by the way, is MUCH younger than me and for sure a member of the ‘I don’t carry cash’ generation), has emailed me twice to say how much she likes this simple idea. A friend from Florida who read about the blog on my Facebook feed emailed to say: “This is a great strategy and I’m going to talk my husband into doing this.” And another woman I know started saving her $5s for a planned trip to India in December, 2017. “This fives plan is just the thing to get me there!” she said. Wowza! A trip of a lifetime on $5 bills.

So, think about posting your answers to these questions. What’s working for you? What’s not working? If you’re mostly a debit/credit user, have you switched over to the dark (cash) side yet? How much have you saved so far? Are you having fun or is this money saving scheme making you crazy? Are you bloglovin’ or bloghatin’ my idea?

We’ll call ourselves the Save Your $5s Club. At the end of four weeks (mid-August), I’ll compile everyone’s thoughts and post about how my readers are doing with the Save Money Fast With Fives plan. Please leave a comment on the blog and let me hear from you!

In the meantime, I’ll continue posting two or three times a week with more fun details about the Save Money Fast With Fives plan. I hope you will follow the blog so you’ll see the new content first!

Yours in Fives,


One thought on “Save Money Fast: It’s Your Turn

  1. Thanks for this post, i also read your article on the Money magazine, wonderful. This is amazing and so so simple that like you said, anyone should be able to do it. I’m in Nairobi and though we don’t use $ i am so on for this challenge, i am literally going to get obsessive with this and use an equivalent amount. I already want a vacation fund and this is doable. I will update you on my progress, i am also of the no cash generation and i have realized i find myself incurring fees for swipping transactions that actually accumulates to more than i should be spending eeeek! Lets do this…

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