5 Easy Ways To Get A $5 Back as Change

Once you start saving your $5s, you’ll be surprised how often you get one back as change in a cash transaction. These tips are for those days when you really want to jumpstart your savings and be sure you are getting lots of $5s to stash away so you can save money fast.

* If something costs less than $5 (say a Vente Latte from Starbucks or a newspaper, a bottle of water, or a pack of gum), pay for it with a $10 or a $20 to be sure you’ll get a $5 in return. A corollary of this is to make the ATM your friend, since it usually dispenses $20s.

* When receiving change and you see a $10 coming out of the cash register, ask the cashier for two $5s instead.

* Add a $1 bill to a $10 to pay for any transaction over $5. Bingo, another $5!

* Cash in $5 worth of coins.

* Trade in five $1s for a $5.

Easy does it. Easy come, easy go. This really is a very easy way to save money once you commit to using cash in your daily transactions. Have a great week, and leave a comment with your thoughts on saving $5s.

Yours in Fives,



4 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways To Get A $5 Back as Change

    • Glad to have you in the $5s club, Antonio! From time to time, share how much you have saved using the SaveMoneyFastWithFives method. Welcome!

  1. Here’s another tip for saving fives. On the rare occasion that I have to use a five-I force myself to save a 10 dollar bill as interest for having spent that five bucks. I know, it’s quite a hefty vig, but I’m my own loan shark so it all works out for me in the end!

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