Save Money: Believe In The Power of 5


When my children were young, one of their favorite games to play was “what’s your favorite (fill in the blank)?” They fired away non-stop. “Mommy, what’s your favorite color?” “Mom, what’s your favorite song, not just for now, but forever?” “What’s your favorite book of all the books you’ve ever read?”

In some cases, my favorite and theirs were at odds, and instead of slapping me high-fives, they’d turn up their noses and reply, “Yuck, I hate chocolate and my favorite ice cream is vanilla.” But more often than not, they would mimic my favorite whatever, saying it was theirs too, and I remember the way they squealed with delight when we picked the same favorite in a category. “Oh, mommy, that’s so great we both picked blue as our favorite color.”

Funny, I don’t remember them ever asking me what my favorite number was, but if you asked my daughters that question today, I think they’d know the answer. Their mom’s favorite number is five.

An unwavering belief in the mystical power of the number 5 is a core part of my Save Money Fast With Fives plan. At first, when I started saving my $5s, I was skeptical about its power to make me rich over time. But as my stash of $5s grew, my fascination with, and research on, the number 5 increased. There was compelling evidence that the number was important. Consider the following.

According to the ancient numerology of the ancient Discordian religion, the number 5 is linked to everything in the Universe. The Law of Fives states that all things happen in fives, or are divisible by, or are multiples of five.

The ancient Chinese philosophy feng shui emphasizes the five elements of life—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

When you think about it, 5 is everywhere, in religion and culture, sports and entertainment, science, and more. The number 5 even creeps into our everyday expressions. Consider these: We high-five our friends when things are good. The most luxurious hotels are rated 5-star, and we ‘take five’ when we wish to rest up before tackling a problem.

If you’re intrigued by numerology, or simply ready for new information to help you save money, I hope the power of the number five will inspire you to save your $5s. In my next post, I’ll give lots of examples of the number 5 as it shows up in sports, religion, science and more.

Yours in Fives,


One thought on “Save Money: Believe In The Power of 5

  1. Years ago I’ve started saving $5’s but stopped. After reading this article, I’m going to give it another try. My husband and I are going to start saving $5 together.

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