To Save Money Fast, Celebrate Your Singles


Let’s not get lost in a sea of $5s. In fact, in order to make the Save Money Fast With Fives plan work for you, you actually need to carry around sufficient singles. Here’s why.

First, if you always have a wad of singles on you, you won’t be tempted to spend a $5 bill, say, on a tip in a restaurant, or on a small purchase like a pack of gum. In fact, when I’m faced with the dilemma of forking over a five or forsaking the Starbucks or Dunkin D’s, I go without the joe.

Second, singles accumulate like weeds in the course of a few days, so even though you can’t add them to your stash of fives, you can always trade them in at a store or with a friend for a $5.

Finally, singles are a great reminder that a lot of our daily impulse purchases (a candy bar, a can of soda, a bottle of water) are unnecessary when you have to peel off several singles to pay for them.

Remember, in an earlier post, I said the Save Your Money Fast With Fives plan is like a game? Keeping yourself awash in a wad of singles is one of the minor rules that can help you win. Readers, please leave a comment and tell us about one of the silly little rules you use to help yourself save money.

Yours in Fives,


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