How Much Have You Saved?


I started writing this blog a few months ago, on July 10 to be exact. In a post on July 22, I challenged readers to join the Save Your $5s Club, for one month, and then to take a step back and see how it’s been working out for you.

Another month has passed so I recently added up my $5s deposits since starting the blog and see that I’ve saved approximately $500 in $5s since then. Again, for full disclosure, my husband generously adds to my $5 stash here and there; still, $500 is not bad considering we spend much of the summer in our vegetable garden and out on the clam flats of Cape Cod rather than in stores consuming more stuff.

More important, I want to hear from you, my readers. If you are saving your $5s, would you be so kind as to leave a comment and tell us: How long have you been saving $5 bills and how much have you saved? Please, leave a comment; I predict it will help encourage more of us to start the practice and even pull in a few new believers who happen to read this post on the blog.

Ready, set, GO!

Yours in Five,



16 thoughts on “How Much Have You Saved?

  1. Hmmm. Considerably less, but I only started in earnest a month ago. And the answer is $75. Not too bad, considering I don’t usually use cash to make transactions. But I am starting to do that, and an added benefit is that I tend to spend more frugally when I am paying with cash.

  2. I just started maybe 2 weeks ago and have saved $30….not bad at all considering I have not used a lot of cash lately. Half that was change from one $20…they gave me back three $5s and I tucked them away. Excited to see how this adds up over time!

  3. Doesn’t matter whether it’s $475, $75 or $30. The point is it’s more than you would have saved if you weren’t tucking away your $5s!


  4. I love this idea! Sounds like an easy fun way to save. Tried 2wks ago when I got paid. Saved 60 in the first week but it was a tight week so I ended up having to withdraw
    it from my savings acct for food. Just got paid and I am going to try again. Will let you know how much I have deposited in one month. It is actually fun and does become like a game to see how many fives you can collect. Talk to you in 1 month.

  5. HI there…I just happen to stumble upon your blog : Savings with $5.00. . I loved your idea and started saving the same day, which was September 9, 2015. In one week I have saved $50.00 and it’s so easy to do. I have also issued this challenge to 2 of my colleagues. They are on board as well. Thanks so much for sharing and I look forward to your future blogs.
    Laura Chisholm

    • Right you are about how easy it is. If you are committed to saving, and you use cash for most discretionary purchases, saving $5s is a dunk shot! Thanks for your comment, Laura!

    • That’s an incredible start, Katie. Can’t wait to hear how much you’ve saved after one year. Thanks for the comment and for following the blog.


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