Save Money Fast One 5 Spot at a Time

$5s2 (2)

Long ago, Abraham Lincoln, whose face appears on the five dollar bill, told a story of perseverance, one that might be relevant to all people in the world who want to save a little bit of money.

In Lincoln’s words: “The difference between history’s boldest accomplishments and its most staggering failures is, often, simply, the diligent will to persevere.”

Might this concept also apply to saving money, one five dollar bill at a time? It’s worth considering.

When I first started saving $5 bills, I wasn’t sure how long the practice would last. The first week, I did it simply because I could (and with two kids in college at the time, it had been a while since I’d put any money aside, so I did.) When I saw how quickly the $5s added up, I decided to continue the practice for a while. Twelve years later, I’m up to $36,000 and here’s the thing. There have been many times I’ve wanted to dip into my fund, or spend it all, but I don’t. Why? Because I have made a firm commitment to saving every $5 I get back as change. Firm. No negotiation. Nada. No.

It’s the same kind of ‘diligent will to perservere’ that keeps a marriage together, gets you up for work on a day when you want to stay in bed, the same stick-to-it-tiveness that Abraham Lincoln was talking about all those years ago.

Yours in Fives,




One thought on “Save Money Fast One 5 Spot at a Time

  1. Glad to say that I have stuck with it and saved $95 since 9/19! Just deposited it into a separate savings acct today. I am very happy with this easy savings plan.I hope everybody else is enjoying success also.

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