Why Saving Money is Another Reason to Be Thankful at Thanksgiving

I’m just home from a four-day Thanksgiving adventure with my husband, daughter and son-in-law. We traveled from Boston to Denver and then four hours south into Rocky Mountain high country where we spent the holiday in a most spectacular setting with daughter number two’s in-law’s.

Among a multitude of blessings, I’m thankful for family, food, and fun that made up my T-Day, 2015. And, of course, for Anna Kate and Eric who insisted we join them.

Back in Boston this morning after taking the red eye from Denver, I’m unpacking and rearranging, and assessing the trip. Hands down. This Turkey Day was a 5.

There were the in-laws, gracious people, fast friends, and cooks extraordinaire. There was the setting in a spacious house built beneath a mountain peak with wide panes of windows and the most spectacular Rocky Mountain views. There was the warmth of the wood stove, the fun of the competitive games of Bananagrams, the joy of knowing the kids wanted us to travel with them for the holiday. Let’s not forget the moist turkey, the succulent root vegetables, the delicious pies and bubbly Prosecco too.

And then, as always, there was the thrill of cleaning out my pocketbook after returning home to see that I’d tucked away six $5s, or $30 in a few short days. (Including a few thrown in from hubby Bill).

Yes, travel causes us to spend money, but if you’re like me, and use cash while getting from one place to the next, travel is also a great opportunity to add to your $5 nest egg. In fact, I save $5s whenever I travel, whether in dollars, Euros, or pesos during our frequent trips to Europe and the Caribbean.

Once when talking with a friend about my $5 savings habit, and how I always return from vacations with cash to put toward the next adventure, she said: “Oh, I wish I could do the same. I always come home broke or in credit card debt” I shot back, “Well, you can, you just have to pay for stuff in cash.”

My $5s came back while buying the following items during my four days away from home: bottled water and a copy of the New York Times in the airport; two bottles of white wine for the Thanksgiving table; lunch in a finger licking good barbeque place while on the road from the airport to our host’s house, and a few items to supplement dinner picked up at a local grocery store one day.

Oh how grateful I am to be home safe and sound, belly full, heart expanded, another day and a half still left to the weekend, and an extra $30 to deposit in my $5 savings account, which grows every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours in Fives,



One thought on “Why Saving Money is Another Reason to Be Thankful at Thanksgiving

  1. Glad you are home safely Marie and that your time away was plentiful. I tucked seven 5s away during my time out and about on Thursday and Friday! (A dunkin donut stop on my way to CT on Thursday and some later in the day shopping on Black Friday.). This works for sure!

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