Summer of $5s, Saving Small to Save Big

We’re almost one-third through the Summer of $5s (in which I asked readers to send stories, photos or videos) about how your $5 savings plan is going. Thanks to everyone who emailed, especially to the reader from Singapore who sent me a photograph of the $5 note from the world’s only island city-state.


Here are some of the stories I heard and thought you would enjoy, too.

An American woman named Kathy went to Europe for the first time last year, paying for two airplane tickets with $5 bills. In a recent note, she wrote:  “My husband and I have talked/dreamed of a trip to Europe together for more than 15 years. We returned from that trip a week ago today. The airline tickets were paid for with $5 bills.”

Almost 10,000 miles away in Brisbane, Australia, a reader emailed saying she was always bad at saving, until she read a story on a local website about my SaveMoneyFastWithFives method.

“It immediately appealed to me and I thought, ‘how easy does that sound?’” She  started stashing away the $5s she got back as change, and viola, “I’ve had no trouble saving $100s in a short amount of time.”

The website where she learned about the $5 savings method is equally enthusiastic in its endorsement. Follow this link for the story, but I’m excited by the enthusiasm expressed in a recent post.

A third save your $5s devotee, a woman from Singapore, corresponded with me last Fall after she learned of my SaveMoneyFastWithFives blog. In less than two months, she socked away $285 in $5s. She’s also helping spread the word by taking photos of her collection of $5s and posting them online.  She wrote: “I’ve put a hashtag on my photographs on Instagram and I’ve tagged it “#savemoneyfastwithfives” (there isn’t any prior photographs with this hashtag). I hope this idea helps to propel the inspiration in saving small to save big. You might like to tell your fans about the hag tag idea, I think it’s already a movement.”

Quick favor, readers. Any time you write about your saving $5s method of saving money, consider adding the hashtag #savemoneyfastwithfives. It will help us all find each other faster. Keep your stories and photos coming! How has saving $5 bills changed/helped/inspired your life

Yours in Fives,




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