Why I’m Not Moving To Sweden

Post presidential election, only one thing is certain for me. I am not moving to Sweden. Er, um, what? Didn’t I mean to say Canada? No. Sweden.

And my not moving to Sweden has nothing to do with Donald Trump, or Hilary Clinton, or Barack or Michelle Obama, or any other president-elect, hopeful, or ‘been there done that’ we can name. For me, it’s all about Abe Lincoln, all about saving my $5s!

But back to Sweden where a popular movement extols a cash-free nation, according to a recent column in The Boston Globe. Similar proposals have been made in the United States and several nations abroad. A cashless society (or krona-free as they say in Sweden) offers many benefits, including: at end to illegal black markets, larger tax collections if all purchases are made under government scrutiny, and the ease of not carrying cash.

Again, I say NO. A cashless country is #Notmycountry!

Like many Americans, I have many reasons for feeling unsettled these days as we move towards inaugurating a President who alienated, humiliated, and divided so much of our country. And while I have looked at real estate on the Internet in many places other than The U.S. in the past few months, I’m not moving to Sweden or any other cashless society anytime soon.

As long as I have to spend money on the every day purchases such as groceries, household goods, personal treats, gifts, or other things that get me through a week, I’m not giving up the pleasure of getting $5 bills back as change.

Yours in Five,








One thought on “Why I’m Not Moving To Sweden

  1. Right on, sister! Cashless economies encourage overspending. A cashless economy would discriminate against low income people as well.
    In solidarity,

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