Saving $5s is a Habit Like Others

My habit of saving $5 bills is so old now (13 years) that stopping would be like breaking any habit.

There are those bad habits, like smoking or overeating, where health benefits are obvious as soon as someone stops. Then there are the good habits, like saving five dollar bills, or taking a little time every day to be thankful for what we have. They too would be hard to stop. But why would I?

For many people, the ability to save money begins with a commitment to do that. Save, Regulary. With the purpose of setting aside money for the future. It’s no different than the commitment we make to our family and friends to set aside time at Thanksgiving—even if only once  a year—-to come together, to celebrate all that we have and to be thankful for all the blessings to come in the future.

So, once you tuck away the first $5 bill you get back as change in a cash transaction, you’ve begun a new habit. Researchers say it takes around 66 days to be rooted in any new habit. So decide this week, as part of your Thanksgiving ritual, that you’ll try to save $5 a day for the next 66 days and reassess from there. That commitment alone will find you $330 richer in the same time that your new habit will be formed.

During this week of national thanksgiving, I wish all my readers who celebrate, a most wonderful Thanksgiving and health and abundance in the coming year.


Yours in Fives,











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