Why I Started This Blog

I won’t be shy. I’m writing this blog because I think I have an incredible story to share. And because I want to help others who also want a foolproof way to save money.

Around 12 years ago, with two daughters in college and a strained family budget, I made a decision that forever changed my relationship to money. Every time someone handed me a five-dollar bill I hid it away. I refused to spend it under any circumstance and started accumulating those fives, first in a separate compartment of my wallet, and then, as the pile grew, in an envelope. As the $5s started adding up, I put them in a separate bank account. Within weeks, I had a nice little stash, more than $200. Then $350. Then $500. By the end of the first year, I had saved almost two thousand dollars. Two grand! Two grand I didn’t have twelve months before.

I was giddy. And it was fun and totally painless. I knew I was on to something big. The power of five was with me. With time and patience, I could build a fortune this way. I could Save Money Fast With Fives.

And since I started the practice, I’ve saved an impressive sum—$35,815—one $5 at a time. (OK, sometimes three at a time and believe me, nothing is better than paying for a $3.99 item with a $20 and getting back three fives, a one, and one penny as change!). And here’s another disclaimer: my husband often hands over the $5s he gets as change, and when we travel, which we do often, we pay for a lot of things with cash and save the fives we get back, whether they are dollars, Euros, or pesos.

Would you like to save a lot of money fast? Saving your fives doesn’t require a sophisticated savings strategy, or even a lot of discipline, but it has paid off for me. I hope that after becoming a faithful reader of this blog, you will become a believer too. Remember Fagin’s song in the musical Oliver: “In this life, one thing counts, in the bank, large amounts, money just doesn’t grow on trees, you’ve got to pick a pocket or two.” Well, it turns out that the only pocket you have to pick is your own. Think of saving your $5s as embezzling from yourself.

Yours in Fives,



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