Save Alone or With a Partner?

$5s2 (2)

I am lucky to have a partner willing to go along to get along. Perhaps the reason I married Bill 38 years ago is because he lets me be me, and that includes the way I dress, act, and speak, and of course, the way I save my fives.

Despite this, I had a vague sense the first few years of my practice that he thought the $5 savings habit was weird. Or that he figured he would be able to come to me for that money, say for a home repair or an unexpected car bill. Not a chance, Billy Boy! Now, however, he regularly contributes $5s to my growing fortune, a gesture he is always sweet when making.

“Hi, honey, look what I brought home for you,” he’ll say dangling a $5 bill in my face.

“Oooohhh, better than flowers,” I say plucking the $5 from his hand.

Some days, while I wait for him in the car and he makes a quick stop at a convenience store, he’ll return with a quart of milk, a grin on his face, and three $5s for me. “Ah, I hate it when this happens,” he says referring to the occasional times when a $20 spent on an item less than $5 results in three fives as change, but he always hands over the fins.

But, and this is an important but, there’s no rule that says you have to involve anyone else in your Save Money Fast With Fives plan. If a spouse or significant other wants to try it out too, fine. If not, fine. If you’re single, fine. It may take two to tango, and how beautiful a dance that is, but doing a solo where you’re the only one on stage is poetry in motion too.

Yours in Fives,




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