Why Spreading the Save Money Fast With Fives Plan is a Must Do


Several years ago, when I published a story about my $5 savings habit in The Boston Sunday Globe, I had a digital epiphany. My in-box at work was flooded with messages from readers in Boston and the suburbs, all six New England states, Georgia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai. The simple message of saving five dollar bills as one route to financial security became viral in the blogosphere, and my story of saving thousands of dollars with that method was among the 10-top most e-mailed articles on boston.com for a few weeks. It was also linked in several popular financial blogs. The story even caught the attention of producers at MSNBC and WBZ-TV, as well as Oprah Winfrey, whose producer called me to discuss a possible appearance on the show.

Last summer, when I guest blogged on LenPenzo.com, a popular personal finance blog named best of its kind by Kiplinger a few years back, the same thing happened. Suddenly, my nascent blog went from attracting 50 visitors a day, to 200, to 750, to 2,000, and then, at its height to 6,950 visitors in one day.

Wowza! When a simple idea catches so many people’s attention, it must be pretty cool.

Today, my goal is to spread the $5 Saver message beyond the readership of The Boston Globe, where I worked as a journalist for 24 years, beyond the followers of my blog, SaveMoneyFastWithFives.wordpress.com.

And so, dear readers, I ask a favor. Spread the message of saving $5 bills to all your friends and family. Post it on FB, tweet it out into the universe, tell everyone you know there is an easy, simple method of saving money and building a nest egg, one $5 bill at a time.

Happy Weekend!

Yours in Fives,


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